RE: MS Sched, GEOCalc links?

Mark Teegarden (
Thu, 13 Mar 97 9:02:42 EST

In our last episode, Martin Paul S <>
>Can anyone tell me how well Link for Windows works with MS Schedule +
>(3.11 windows and 3.51 NT) ? I've heard the new software pack can work
>with this but in a limited way, and our office appointments are all done by

It works great as long as you use Win 3.x or Win95. But NT3.51 has
problems. HP says that it (the software) does not support NT. I've not
had any experience with NT4.0 yet. I will try that out soon and post
results if it works.

My experience in using this software package (HP Link to Windows) with NT3.51 is:
Sync N Go - Does backups and restores just fine under NT 3.51. It does
not do the sync with Schedule+ 7.0a (on an Exchange Server) under NT
3.51 because of the security.
Clip N Go - It only seems to work one-way under NT. You can shovel it
from your desktop to the OmniGo, but the OmniGo can put it on the
desktop's clipboard. This is where HP's answer was "NT is not
supported". It is clearly documented in the book that 3.x and 95 are
supported and I have no problems with it in Win95.
HP PIM - Phonebook seems to work fine under NT3.51, but the appointment
book does not run.
--Mark Teegarden