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>What's the differences between OmniGo100 and the Omnigo120?
The 120 has pocket Quicken in ROM and a better screen (picks up
light from off angles).

>Why has HP discontinued the OmniGo line?
I think that they are planning to come out with a Windows CE
model similar in features to the OmniGo.

>What type of options cards can I get for the OmniGo100?
PC card modems (low power consumption is necessary)
Flash and SRAM memory cards (all sizes, also watch power consumpt.)
Others? I've heard talk of people trying parallel port and SCSI cards, but
don't know if any of these actually ended up working for something useful.

>Is there a Dictionary and Spell checker out there for the OmniGo100?
Anyone else have an answer for this?


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