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>Hello everyone. I just bought the OmniGo 100 and have a lot of

We have a lot of answers.

>I have the serial cable and an ATA flash memory card and was
>able to install the program from the internet that let the OG run on DOS
>mode. The Install program by Geoworks only lets me install .GPK files.
>How do I install files with .geo, .000, and etc. extensions to the OG or
>ATA flash card?

A .GPK file is an archive which can contain several files which go into
different directories. The Install program extracts the files contained
within the GPK and puts them into the proper directories. Files with the
.GEO extention are executable files and .000 are data or help files. These
must be installed manually (since they aren't in a GPK file). One method
is to download OmniComm which will allow to connect to your Omnigo and
Download/Upload files. You must then follow the instructions included with
the program to upload the files in the correct place (.GEO files normally
go into the /GEOWORKS/WORLD directory). Or you could download the SHIPPER
program from Geoworks which allows you to create .GPK files from a
collection of regular files (.GEO, .000) for which you can then install.

>What do the A, B, C, and E drive mean on the OG?

The A: drive is a ROM drive.
The B: drive is the Internal RAM drive.
The C: drive is an SRAM card if you have one.
The D: drive is a FlashRAM card if you have one.
The SYS: drive (visible while in GEOS) is the GEOS ROM drive.

>Is there a way to delete the Solitaire and OG DEMO
>from the RAM disk?

The are actually on the ROM drive and therefore cannot be deleted,
however there is a way to get GEOS to ignore them. I posted the method a
few months ago to this list, but I'll forward you a copy. You can delete
Solitaire and the DEMO as well as move programs into Subfolders.

>(HP technical supports told me I can't but there
>should be a way).

Of course!


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