Customizing your Omnigo (Part2)

Wayne Venables (
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 23:46:05 -0800

Customizing your Omnigo (Part2)

Please backup all data before attempting any of these operations. It is
also recommended that you obtain and install a DOS mode driver for the
Omnigo (so that you are not locked out of the machine if anything goes
wrong). If you become locked out of your Omnigo after any of these
procedures, Press 'C' during startup to return your Omnigo to its orginal
state (warning this causes all data to be lost).


Q. How do I change which programs are run by those Icons on the outside of my screen?

A. Add a section into your GEOS.INI as follows:

[hardIconBar] app0 = Home Screen app1 = Appt Book app2 = Phone Book app3 = Note pad app4 = Data base app5 = Jotter app6 = Finance app7 = Spread sheet app8 = Calc

You can then change any one of these to point to any file. For example you can make the finance button launch pocket quicken by making:

app6 = Pocket Quicken

Note #1:

You'll need to make use of this if you have moved your Applications out of the World directory into other directories. For example, if you moved Finance into a directory called Money then you'd need to do the following:

app6 = Money\Finance

Note #2:

Changing the Jotter button also changes the jotter key on the keyboard.