Customizing your Omnigo (RePost)

Wayne Venables (
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 23:41:56 -0800

Customizing your Omnigo

Please backup all data before attempting any of these operations. It is
also recommended that you obtain and install a DOS mode driver for the
Omnigo (so that you are not locked out of the machine if anything goes
wrong). If you become locked out of your Omnigo after any of these
procedures, Press 'C' during startup to return your Omnigo to its orginal
state (warning this causes all data to be lost).

File Manager, OgText, Text Editor and any other programs mentioned in this
E-mail are available from


Q. How do I remove programs from the Home Screen which I don't use?

A. By default, GEOS is configured to look on the SYS: drive for programs
and documents and then look in your B: and C: drives. By editing your
GEOS.INI and NET.INI you can make GEOS ignore the programs on the SYS: drive.

1) Use File Manager, Omnicom or DOS to copy NET.INI from the A:\GEOWORKS
directory to B:\GEOWORKS

2) Use File Manager to do the following:

A) Create a directory off of the world directory called APPS

B) Select all the files in the World directory.

C) Select Copy from the EDIT menu

D) Open the Apps directory and select Paste a Copy from the EDIT

This should copy all the files from the World directory into the
World\Apps directory.

2) Use File Manager, Omnicom or DOS to copy GEOS.INI to GEOS.NEW.

3) Use File Manager, Omnicom or DOS to copy GEOS.INI to GEOS.BAK.

4) Using Text Editor or OgText, edit the GEOS.NEW file:

Change: [paths]

to: [paths]

5) Using Text Editor or OgText, edit the NET.INI file:

Change: [paths]
top = SYS:\

to: [paths]
userdata = SYS:\USERDATA
system = SYS:\SYSTEM

6) Using Text Editor or OgText, edit the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

Change: cd \geoworks

to: cd \geoworks
copy \geoworks\GEOS.NEW \geoworks\GEOS.INI

Note: FN-2 is the '\' key
Note: If you are using DOS mode on the Omnigo, you can copy
the file from DOS instead of editing your Autoexec.bat

7) Reboot your Omnigo (Shift-On-Next)

When GEOS is finished loading you should see nothing in your Home Screen
except the Apps directory and any programs which you have installed.

8) Use File Manager to selectively move the files you want to from the
directory to the World directory.

And that's it, you're done. You now have complete control over all the
ROM apps.
You can move them, rename them, delete them and even place them in
Subfolders. If
you are finished with the Apps directory, you can delete it.


I'm presently working on even more ways to get the most out of the Omnigo, I'll be keeping everyone posted on whats cool.

(Next project, Power Management for DOS!)