Re: ACT 3.0 and OGO

Max Wood (
Thu, 06 Mar 1997 10:55:53 -0600

Hi Mike,

I'm not sure I can help on that one. I use ACT 2.0. As a matter of fact, I
opted for 2.0 over 3.0 simply because there were no interfaces I could find
for 3.0. Let me suggest that you contact Intellilink to determine if they
now support ACT 3.0 (they did not 6 months ago). You might also want to
contact ACT tech support. They have a special group that deals only with
PDA's. They're very helpful.

I use Intellilink with ACT 2.0. Even though Intellilink says they directly
support ACT 2.0, it is lousy! In the Intellilink program they also have an
ASCII option which I use. This allows you to export from ACT in an ASCII
mode and to OGO from an ASCII file. I massage the data in between with
Lotus Approach (database). This way I get pretty much the information, in
the format I want, in OGO and vice versa.

Good luck.

At 11:29 PM 03/05/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi Max,
>I am a big fan of ACT! too. I'm running version 3.03
>on Windows95. What's the best way to 'sync' Ogo with
- Max