HP Link to Windows and Sidekick --- short report

MICHAEL JONES (michael.jones@lshtm.ac.uk)
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 18:29:47 +0000

Hi all,
a while back I asked for advice about linking my OmniGo 100 to
my PC PIM, Sidekick. I received much useful information, and came
away with the conclusion that I should get the HP OmniGo Link to
Windows PC pack (F1306A). Much of the useful information from people
out there on the net was posted directly to me *and* the list, so I
will not repeat it here, but I can send anyone details when I get
back on Monday. (Appologies for not naming and praising everyone who
helped me.)

The Link to Windows is the pack with Sync&Go (to synchronise the OGO
with popular PIMS), Clip&Go (to transfer other items to the Windows
clipboard), and some games, plus HP serial cable. I *think* the link
below tells you more.

The general opinion was that the older Connectivity Pack (F1311A) was
not as useful as the newer one. The Link to Windows Sync&Go may be an
Intellilink product (now Puma?). And even Sync&Go was not perfect.
An alternative was to get Intellilink, but opinion was divided about
this product.

Anyway, I ordered Link to Windows from DPS:
Data Products and Services, Inc.,
1408 Morning Drive, Loveland,
Colorado 80538 National (US) 800-669-8194
Local (US) 970-667-8260
FAX (US) 970-667-8245

I paid US$99 for the Link to Windows, and US$29 for FedX Standard to
ship it to London, UK. It took one week to arrive. I have no
affiliations with DPS other than that of a satisfied customer.
(Note that in London I would have to pay 90--120 UKpounds, plus 17.5%
tax, for the old Connectivity Pack!)

Today I managed to back-up my OmniGo, add the Clip&Go and games to it
(I need a SRAM card!), move my phone book and appointments to the HP
PIM supplied with the pack, and also move them into Sidekick 2.0,
and Sync my calendar. I have yet to try Clip&Go.

Thanks again to everyone who gave me advice.

Michael Jones