Premax FLASH card - problem

Miro Lucassen (
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 21:22:16 +0100

So, after waiting six weeks I got my PreMax FLASH 4Mb Card today
(availability of these products could be better in the Netherlands). In the
promotion leaflet it mentioned comptability with the Omnigo 100, so I hoped
it would be easy to install the thing. But... Omnigo does not want to eat
this card. It keept complaining "The card you just inserted can't be read.
It is either a card which is not supported or it may be write protected".
I toggled the write protection switch, I made a restart with shift-on-next,
I even restored the factory defaults - after saving my data through a
serial cable :-). But the card does not work. I searched the worldwideweb
for PreMax, but found no information on additional drivers.
A few days more of despair will bring me back to the supplier, sure. But
maybe one of you can point out where I missed something?

Miro Lucassen
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