Thom Adams (
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 08:24:59 -0500

I am looking for the same information. I am looking for a modem that
can be used with the Omnigo 100, either wire or wireless. I used the
wireless modem that Wynd Communications offers for a couple of months
but found the price to be prohibitive for what you get. It tended to
eat batteries (both in the modem and in the Omnigo).

Is there such a thing as a PCMCIA modem card that works with a regular
telephone jack? If so, where would I get one? If not, any other


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Subject: Modems
Author: higdonm@UWSTOUT.EDU at Internet
Date: 03/04/97 11:17 PM

If anyone could give me the EXACT name of the Modem that they have found to
work well in the OmniGo I would really appreciate it.