DOS mode and the Net

Steve Segaric (
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 14:33:40 -0500

I did it!!

I finally successfully installed & omniswp.exe. I then
installed Procomm(160k), a DOS terminal program with VT 100 emulation on
to my SRAM card. I was able to check e-mail, and telnet, next time I'll
try the lynx command to go to www pages.

I've two questions though: 1) How do I turn off the Ogo after I've
entered DOS mode? The ON/OFF key doen't seem to work. What I do is go
back to Geos and turn it off from there (quite annoying). 2) The screen
blinks after each key press, I know this is what omniswp 1.0 is supposed
to do but is it really necessary (also quite annoying)?

Today the net tomorrow faxing??

take care

P.S. I recently purchased a 1 meg SRAM card from Widget Software here in
Toronto. It works flawlessly! I've backed up Ogo and installed lots of
software onto it, including Pocket Quicken, Draw, and Procomm. The card
is actually a Apple Newton product.