Re: Spreadsheet woes

Kelly Bergen (
Tue, 04 Mar 1997 22:55:07 -0800

Bruce E. Webb wrote:
> Big Question: Is it possible to create or import a spreadsheet for
> the Omnigo that is longer than the Omnigo's default of 64 rows? The > user's guide says up to 64 rows by 64 columns (= 4096 cells). I need > something on the order of up to 400+ rows by 10 columns
I have large spreadsheets on my OGO but I broke them up into smaller
files. I actually like the small files (I had to get used to it) because
it's easier to find the data I need. I also have some files that I just
moved data side by side, like two sets of 64 x 10 cells set side by
> 1. Is Geo-Calc the only program that is capable of reading or
> modifying the OmniGo spreadsheet?
I don't know, but it's the one that works for me. Of course in Geocalc
you aren't limited to 64 x 64, but it's easy to move blocks of data on
the desktop and arrange it so it fits on the OGO.
> BTW: Microsoft Excel on the Mac combines a spreadsheet with business
> graphics and a database that provides a worksheet area of 16,384 rows > by 256 columns.
But that Mac won't fit in your pocket :)
> 2. Has anyone out there created a longish customized spreadsheet like
> GeoCalc that has sucessfully been imported into the Omnigo
Just the spreadsheets I mentioned above. I use my OGO to keep track of
about 200 student accounts in my high school band and choirs. I separate
the files alphabetically by name or by class.
I know these answers aren't quite what you're looking for, but I hope
this helps.
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