Spreadsheet woes

Bruce E. Webb (BruWebb@ns.net)
Tue, 4 Mar 1997 20:52:10 -0800

Big Question: Is it possible to create or import a spreadsheet for the
Omnigo that is longer than the Omnigo's default of 64 rows? The user's
guide says up to 64 rows by 64 columns (= 4096 cells). I need something on
the order of up to 400+ rows by 10 columns, which is about the same number
of cells. I tried deleting columns. That didn't give me any more than 64

1. Is Geo-Calc the only program that is capable of reading or modifying the
OmniGo spreadsheet?

BTW: Microsoft Excel on the Mac combines a spreadsheet with business
graphics and a database that provides a worksheet area of 16,384 rows by
256 columns. And hold on to your hats, Excel '97 is supposed to contain
64000 rows! I just want a measly 400 or so.

2. Has anyone out there created a longish customized spreadsheet like
GeoCalc that has sucessfully been imported into the Omnigo or, more likely
onto a RAM card in your Omnigo?

3. Is there a spreadsheet on one of the Omnigo or Geos sites out there for
a quickie download and transfer onto the Omigo?

Short of moving to an LX200 that could use a DOS spreadsheet, am I stuck?
I really DON'T want to lose the use of my pen for data entry.

Thanks for any recommendations.