Re: HP Connectivity Kit PIM & Omnigo PIM
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 06:07:03 GMT

On 28 Feb 97 07:35:32 -1000, you wrote:

>I have recently aquired an Omnigo and the HP connectivity kit. From what=
>have seen it would seem as thought the PIM that comes with the =
connectivity kit=20
>seems to have more functionality than the omnigo itself.
>For example in the appointment part of the connectivity kit PIM there is=
>"Event" section at the top of each day. Does anybody know if it is =
possible to=20
>access this from the Omnigo? I find it a useful section to include =
>"events" for the day which don't fit into a specific time slot.
Just go into the appointments select a day and erase the start and end
times, this will put NONE in these fields and the info will appear at
the top of the listing, I found this by accident while entering
birthdays, also if you set the appointment to repeat YEAR.DATE a
special symbol marks the item, I haven't tried other repeats but I bet
they do it too. Hope this helps
>Secondly, as the manual does not explain, the publicity seems to imply =
that from=20
>the Omnigo it is possible to "drag" appointments to new slots. While I =
can cut=20
>and paste appointments, I cannot find anyway to drag and drop them. Is =
>Thanks and look forward to any replies.

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