HP Connectivity Kit PIM & Omnigo PIM

Maggs Tom (TMAGGS@mail.ue.com.au)
28 Feb 97 07:35:32 -1000

I have recently aquired an Omnigo and the HP connectivity kit. From what I
have seen it would seem as thought the PIM that comes with the connectivity kit
seems to have more functionality than the omnigo itself.

For example in the appointment part of the connectivity kit PIM there is an
"Event" section at the top of each day. Does anybody know if it is possible to
access this from the Omnigo? I find it a useful section to include general
"events" for the day which don't fit into a specific time slot.

Secondly, as the manual does not explain, the publicity seems to imply that from
the Omnigo it is possible to "drag" appointments to new slots. While I can cut
and paste appointments, I cannot find anyway to drag and drop them. Is this

Thanks and look forward to any replies.