database and pocket quicken

Tim McIntyre (timc1958@IDT.NET)
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 18:06:42 -0500

Some comments on Pocket Quicken. I bought the PQ connect (24.95) and
have used it religiously for expense report entry (read: road warrior)
I also use Quicken Expensable on the PC and they link together. The
only manual work I have to do is enter the City and Customer
information in Expensable, PQ does not have a field for this. You can
enter a comment about the expense in the ogo, and cut and paste it into
Expensable. It works well for me.

More on database sync with the Link to Windows. There is a file on
the ogo called MASTER.MDB which is a list of all the *.GDB database
files. If you delete MASTER.MDB and then start the database app, it
will first inform you of a missing database, and will then reconstruct
the index of databases. However, if you do this, it seems like the
Link to Windows cannot link to those databases. I have had to create a
new database with the corresponding fields, then delete the new file and
rename my existing file to the new name. Maybe someone else has
figured this out.