Re: Printing from the OGO

Martin P Speckhardt (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 10:11:40 +0000

I have successfully printed from my Omnigo both using a standard serial plug
and the serial/parallel converter. Originally I printed to an hp laserjet 3p
over the serial cable at 19200. This was on batteries. If the batteries were
in reasonable shape I had no problems. That printer however was not
convenient for me to continue to use. I purchased a serial/parellel converter
and now print to an hp deskjet 400. This uses more power than printing
directly serial (the converter is powered from the serial port). This has
also worked flawlessly for me (not as fast as directly from the pc but
reasonable). I do use an ac adapter when printing using the converter because
of the extra drain. I normally print from the Text Editor, Spread Sheet and
Data Base programs.

The batteries that I use are Rayovac Renewals. These are rechargable
alkalines. I get about 3-4 hours (using battery watcher) off of them when
they are new (the more they are recharged the less time you get). I carry a
spare set with me and switch them when they get low. I also carry a pocket
charger (it is a little to big to be put in the pocket, but still quite small)
and charge the set after they are removed. I go through a four pack of
batteries (2 sets of 2 batteries) every 2 months. The chager cost me $10 and
the batteries are only $5 for 4. These have more than paid for themselves (in
both money and garbage collected). I have also found that even though the
batteries may not be able to hold a good enough charge to run the omnigo they
still work well in other things (remotes, pocket radio). This way I get even
more use out of a set.