Re: Difference betw. Connetivity Pack Old and New?

Kelly Bergen (
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 22:35:23 -0800

Max Wood wrote:
> You mentioned you used the note capability of the new connectivity
> pack. I would be interested in how you move the note information over
> and use it on your desktop. In particular, what program on your
> desktop you use to reformat. Hi Max,
Really the only automatic formatting choice you get is the choice
of how new lines on the OG are transmitted: as tabs or linefeeds. I
change this setting depending on what I'm using the document for. Since
the Sync&Go only exports note data as text, sometimes it's more useful
to use Clip and Go. I like the fact that Sync and Go transmits all the
data into one file, since Clip and Go only works with one file at a
time. I may have overstated my ability to easily reformat notes easily.
Of course, I'm no expert and my experience with Sync and Go is very
short. I have a Microsoft Office Bundle on my computer, but I still use
the Geoworks desktop (Now known as NewDeal) to import and reformat my
text files. I've used it so long I work faster with it (most of its
apps, while simple compared to newer software, don't require nearly as
many mouse clicks to get the job done). I also use it because I can
create custom spreadsheets on the Geoworks desktop with different text
fonts, sizes and styles and import them directly (complete file) into
the Omnigo, including shading, borders, etc. Even with its tiny
sometimes-hard-to-read screen, the Omnigo still does most of what I want
at a pretty decent price (especially now that I see 100's in the store
for under $200).
For you or anyone who is interested in the desktop, Breadbox Computer is
the best source for all of that stuff:
They also have a new dos based transfer program for the OG called
Controller, or something like that.
Have fun,
-- Kelly
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