Re: Difference betw. Connetivity Pack Old and New?

Max Wood (
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 20:42:56 -0600


A good overview of the two!

You mentioned you used the note capability of the new connectivity pack.
Actually, that was one of the main reasons I purchased the new pack. After
loading, though, I did not see how it could work for me. It moved my note
files over as one file. Plus, it only moved the current view on OGO over.

I would be interested in how you move the note information over and use it
on your desktop. In particular, what program on your desktop you use to
reformat. Since I could not figure it out, I simply stayed with Clip & Go
for that feature.


At 05:25 PM 02/24/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Alexander Wirth wrote:
>> Can someone tell me the differece betw. the old and new Conn. Pack for
>> the OGO. Is there a choice to upgrade the old one?
>> thanx alex You might want to check out some of the recent posts to this
list re:
>a review of the New Connectivity Pack, called Sync and Go. I own both of
>them, although I haven't had Sync and Go long enough to give a good
>evaluation. But here are the main differences I have found:
> First , Synch and Go is actually a collection of programs. It
>includes Clip and Go, which merges your Windows and OG clipboards so you
>can copy and paste from one to another. This works well for transferring
>note data and retaining the formatting. It is very simple to use. It
>only transfers the data you can get with a copy or a cut, so you can't
>transfer whole data files with it.
> Second, Sync and Go has an upgraded HP PIM that will now give you more
>print options (like monthly calendars) and operated more like other
>scheduling programs. You can also import and export data directly into
>chosen files and applications on your PC (like Scheduler). There are
>some known quirks to the PIM, but so far it's nothing I can't work
>around. You can import your phone lists or appointments or whatever to a
>pretty wide variety of applications. You can also send your note data to
>a text file of your choosing. I use this feature a lot, and it gives you
>some simple formatting options.
> Third, the Strategy game pack previously released for the OG is now
>included in Sync and Go, as is the connecting cable.
> So I believe the New Sync and Go, while not perfect, is a MUCH better
>value than the old Connectivity Pack. I also have used some of the games
>available that were origially written for the Geoworks desktop GUI, like
> Towers of Hanoi, Tetris, Maze Runner and others. They seem to transfer
>to the OG just fine. Good Luck! I still think the OG is a great machine
>at a great price if you don't need your organizer to retrieve e-mail.
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