Re: Difference betw. Connetivity Pack Old and New?

Kelly Bergen (
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 17:25:56 -0800

Alexander Wirth wrote:
> Can someone tell me the differece betw. the old and new Conn. Pack for
> the OGO. Is there a choice to upgrade the old one?
> thanx alex You might want to check out some of the recent posts to this list re:
a review of the New Connectivity Pack, called Sync and Go. I own both of
them, although I haven't had Sync and Go long enough to give a good
evaluation. But here are the main differences I have found:
First , Synch and Go is actually a collection of programs. It
includes Clip and Go, which merges your Windows and OG clipboards so you
can copy and paste from one to another. This works well for transferring
note data and retaining the formatting. It is very simple to use. It
only transfers the data you can get with a copy or a cut, so you can't
transfer whole data files with it.
Second, Sync and Go has an upgraded HP PIM that will now give you more
print options (like monthly calendars) and operated more like other
scheduling programs. You can also import and export data directly into
chosen files and applications on your PC (like Scheduler). There are
some known quirks to the PIM, but so far it's nothing I can't work
around. You can import your phone lists or appointments or whatever to a
pretty wide variety of applications. You can also send your note data to
a text file of your choosing. I use this feature a lot, and it gives you
some simple formatting options.
Third, the Strategy game pack previously released for the OG is now
included in Sync and Go, as is the connecting cable.
So I believe the New Sync and Go, while not perfect, is a MUCH better
value than the old Connectivity Pack. I also have used some of the games
available that were origially written for the Geoworks desktop GUI, like
Towers of Hanoi, Tetris, Maze Runner and others. They seem to transfer
to the OG just fine. Good Luck! I still think the OG is a great machine
at a great price if you don't need your organizer to retrieve e-mail.
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