Re: Intellilink or Connectivity pack?

Max Wood (
Sat, 22 Feb 1997 11:49:55 -0600

Hi Michael,

First, the Intellilink product will PROBABLY work for you. I know it
supports the OGO 100 and I believe it supports the Sidekick product.
Perhaps someone here can confirm the Sidekick question. Second, the new
connectivity pack will also give you what you want. I'm not sure if the old
one will. I'm also not sure if the new connectivity pack will work with the
OGO 100. It was designed after the 120 was introduced. If I had to venture
a guess, and strictly a guess, I would say it will work with the OGO 100.
Again, perhaps someone here can address that question as well. If you do
not get an answer here, drop me an e-mail and I will give you the phone
number of my dealer. Perhaps he can tell you.

Regarding how to know if it is the new pack, if the connectivity pack you
are considering includes the Clip & Go feature, then it is the new pack and
not the old one. Clip & Go allows you to cut and paste from the clipboard
to and from OGO and your windows based programs. This is not to be confused
with file transfer.

If you can use the new connectivity pack, you will be much better off doing
so than purchasing Intellilink (now Puma). I use Intellilink and do not
recommend it. Plus, the new connectivity pack has some very basic PIM
features that are tightly integrated with OGO and Intellilink just provides

I probably haven't helped much, but maybe I have pointed you in the
direction to get your questions answered.

Good luck.

At 09:28 AM 02/21/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi all,
> I recently bought an HP OmniGo100 in London (ex-demo, from
>Morgan's, but in mint condition) and I now want to link the PIM with
>my Win3.1 desktop at work. I currently use Sidekick 2.00p, which I
>like, but I want as close as 'seamless' connectivity as I can get
>between the OmniGo and my desktop PIM. All I really need is to keep
>appointments, and address (and maybe todo items, and notes)
>synchronised. For that I am willing to move from using Sidekick to
>the HP desktop version of the PIM, if that will give me what I want.
>Will the standard HP connectivity pack do what I want? (It will cost
>me more than the OmniGo in London!) I've heard about a 'new'
>connectivity pack --- but am not sure if the ones I see in the shops
>are this new one (if it exists) or the old one. How do I tell the
>difference, and what benefits do I get from the new one?
>An alternative is to use the IntelliLink product, and stick with
>Sidekick. Again, will this do what I need? (I need to find out the
>cost of this in London, and I assume a cable too.)
>Thanks in advance for any information. If I get some good advice
>I'll complie it for the list.
>By the way --- I know that OmniGo has an HP12C, but I would like a
>good RPN scientific calculator. (The HP12C emulator looks ugly,
>even if it is faster and more accurate than the original.) As
>things stand I have an HP15C, and I reach for that before the OmniGo.
>These days I only need simple scientific functions (exp, Ln, sqrt, and
>some stats), but I've been spoilt by years of use of the HP15C and
>RPN. Anyone know a good GEOS RPN calculator?
>Hey, I just realised that I bought my HP15C in 1984 and it cost more
>than the OmniGo today (without allowing for inflation)!
>Again, thanks in advance for any advice.
>Michael Jones
> London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
- Max