Intellilink or Connectivity pack?

Fri, 21 Feb 1997 9:28:12 +0000

Hi all,
I recently bought an HP OmniGo100 in London (ex-demo, from
Morgan's, but in mint condition) and I now want to link the PIM with
my Win3.1 desktop at work. I currently use Sidekick 2.00p, which I
like, but I want as close as 'seamless' connectivity as I can get
between the OmniGo and my desktop PIM. All I really need is to keep
appointments, and address (and maybe todo items, and notes)
synchronised. For that I am willing to move from using Sidekick to
the HP desktop version of the PIM, if that will give me what I want.

Will the standard HP connectivity pack do what I want? (It will cost
me more than the OmniGo in London!) I've heard about a 'new'
connectivity pack --- but am not sure if the ones I see in the shops
are this new one (if it exists) or the old one. How do I tell the
difference, and what benefits do I get from the new one?

An alternative is to use the IntelliLink product, and stick with
Sidekick. Again, will this do what I need? (I need to find out the
cost of this in London, and I assume a cable too.)

Thanks in advance for any information. If I get some good advice
I'll complie it for the list.

By the way --- I know that OmniGo has an HP12C, but I would like a
good RPN scientific calculator. (The HP12C emulator looks ugly,
even if it is faster and more accurate than the original.) As
things stand I have an HP15C, and I reach for that before the OmniGo.
These days I only need simple scientific functions (exp, Ln, sqrt, and
some stats), but I've been spoilt by years of use of the HP15C and
RPN. Anyone know a good GEOS RPN calculator?

Hey, I just realised that I bought my HP15C in 1984 and it cost more
than the OmniGo today (without allowing for inflation)!

Again, thanks in advance for any advice.

Michael Jones
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine