Re: Omnigo AC adapter plug

Paul A Khoury (
Tue, 04 Feb 1997 10:15:54 EST

On Mon, 3 Feb 1997 10:48:47 -0800 "Hinman, Jeffrey M"
<> writes:
>For those of you who were interested in the possibility of an AC
>plug, here's the latest:
>I had plans to place an adapter jack in the only possible location in
>the Omnigo - just next to the cover lock on the keyboard side of the
>unit (lower LHS of the Omnigo keyboard). I had purchased a Sony
>jack that fit perfectly in this location. I had found earlier that if
>cut what I thought were the main power leads from the batteries, that
>the back-up battery was on a separate circuit. When I was ready to
>the modification to add the jack, I measured the two leads and found
>my amazement that they were not the power leads. Everything lead me
>believe this because they came from the battery compartment, they were
>the two separate wires in addition to the ribbon cable connecting the
>two halves, and they connected directly to what looked like power
>to the mother processor board on the keyboard side of the unit. I now
>have no idea what those two wires do. I assume that the REAL power
>leads first go to the display side and then go through a circuit that
>involves the back-up battery. The power is then sent through the
>cable to the mother board on the keyboard side. Since I will not mess
>with the display side, an AC adapter jack is not currently possible
>the Omnigo. All I have to say is that it was poor planning by HP to
>include asimple $3.95 adapter jack in the design of the unit.
>I will just have to stick to my previous design of a wood dowel to
>replace the batteries.
>Jeff Hinman
I think that if HP wanted an AC adapter for the OGO, then they would have
implemented that idea long ago. I'm sure there was a reason, though it
may not be money, possibly because of design and electrical restrictions.
Also, when you buy AC adapter sockets in bulk-quantity, they would cost
more like $0.05, of course you would have to order thousands to get them
that cheap.

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