Omnigo AC adapter plug

Hinman, Jeffrey M (
Mon, 3 Feb 1997 10:48:47 -0800

For those of you who were interested in the possibility of an AC adapter
plug, here's the latest:

I had plans to place an adapter jack in the only possible location in
the Omnigo - just next to the cover lock on the keyboard side of the
unit (lower LHS of the Omnigo keyboard). I had purchased a Sony adapter
jack that fit perfectly in this location. I had found earlier that if I
cut what I thought were the main power leads from the batteries, that
the back-up battery was on a separate circuit. When I was ready to make
the modification to add the jack, I measured the two leads and found to
my amazement that they were not the power leads. Everything lead me to
believe this because they came from the battery compartment, they were
the two separate wires in addition to the ribbon cable connecting the
two halves, and they connected directly to what looked like power input
to the mother processor board on the keyboard side of the unit. I now
have no idea what those two wires do. I assume that the REAL power
leads first go to the display side and then go through a circuit that
involves the back-up battery. The power is then sent through the ribbon
cable to the mother board on the keyboard side. Since I will not mess
with the display side, an AC adapter jack is not currently possible for
the Omnigo. All I have to say is that it was poor planning by HP to not
include asimple $3.95 adapter jack in the design of the unit.

I will just have to stick to my previous design of a wood dowel to
replace the batteries.

Jeff Hinman