Max Wood (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 20:57:11 -0600

This is one persons opinion of the new OGO connectivity pack. To add
perspective, I am a big OGO fan and use OGO primarily as a PIM. I also use
ACT 2.0 and Intellilink 3.4 and developed my own interface between OGO and
ACT (using Intellilink in the ASCII mode and my database).

Here are some comments regarding the main functional areas of the new
connectivity pack:

I have not spent much time with this area, but on the surface it seems
adequate if you don't have one of the many shareware programs that are
available here. It allows you to install programs to OGO or to the card.
As best I can tell, there is no true file management.

This seems easy and simple enough, but for me it is of no benefit. I back
up to a card on the OGO. Much better. Ever had OGO die and need to hard
reboot while miles away from your desktop??

I did not spend much time here either, since I don't use the database. On
the surface, it seems adequate.

You can NOT import or export! Only choice, Clip n Go -- which I already had.

This seems to take care of the basics, if you just want a scheduler. It is
by no means a heavyweight. One big advantage -- it works perfectly with OGO
in the one-button-does-all sync mode.

Same as database above. I use ACT and import into the phone book with my
own interface (as mentioned above). One problem if you have a large number
of names in your PIM (I have about 1000), is not to download all into OGO.
Connectivity pack does not allow you to select. It is either all or none,
if your PIM will not allow you to pare down the list.

A good program, but I already had it.

This is supposedly the meat and potatoes of the program. For me, it is of
no added benefit over my current program. It seems to have a number of
other PIM choices and an even larger list of other PDAs. The PDAs only
import into OGO. There is no sync or export to other PDAs. The PIM list is
restricted to specific versions of the named PIMs. In my case, only ACT
2.0. With ACT there is NO TRUE SYNC only import and export. This was was
my primary reason for purchasing the program. You can import and export,
but no one-button, click do-it-all. Even if you decide to import and export
with ACT, you still have several other issues to deal with such as; ACT has
calls and to-dos and OGO only has to-dos. Plus, if you download to the
to-do area, you only get the company name or contact (not both) in the
description field. You do NOT get the telephone number or why you need to
make the contact or call. Additionally, the move from OGO to ACT does not
work well at all. It duplicates contacts or creates one place for
mismatches and then you must manually re-enter. I have addressed all of
these shortcomings with my program.

This was another disappointment. The notes from OGO move over as one flat
ASCII file. In addition, only the category (business, personal, etc.) in
view at the time moves. My expectation was that there would be a file for
each note and that each note would be compatible with a word processor
(formatting, font size, etc.). Not!

For some, I'm sure this is a good value and program, but for me it doesn't
mean much. Plus, I'm convinced this is the Intellilink program with some
window dressing and I am not an Intellink fan.

I welcome your comments and observations.
- Max