Max Wood (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 11:44:14 -0600

I just loaded up my new Connectivity Pack for the 120 and have a question
regarding the Notepad section. It appears the only option for transferring
notes is an ASCII file. Once imported (no sync available) into the PC, the
notes (all notes as a group) become essentially a flat ASCII file (no
formatting) with the name and note data being delimited by commas. One
thing not clear is where the categories (Business, personal, etc.) are
identified. It seems that only the actively displayed categories import
from OGO. I need to play with this a little more.

Hopefully I am overlooking something here. My expectation was each note
would be its own file formatted and fully compatible with a word processor.
On the surface, that does not seem to be the case. Am I correct?

On another note, my guess is this package was developed by Intellilink.

- Max