S. L. Funk (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 22:00:48 -0800 (PST)

At 08:57 PM 1/25/97 -0600, you wrote:
>This is one persons opinion of the new OGO connectivity pack. To add
>perspective, I am a big OGO fan and use OGO primarily as a PIM. I also use
>ACT 2.0 and Intellilink 3.4 and developed my own interface between OGO and
>ACT (using Intellilink in the ASCII mode and my database).

>This seems easy and simple enough, but for me it is of no benefit. I back
>up to a card on the OGO. Much better. Ever had OGO die and need to hard
>reboot while miles away from your desktop??

Nope, but I do find this feature useful (backup to desktop); I to have large
ram card (to which I also backup); but "most" OGO users do appreciate this
extra level of safety

>I did not spend much time here either, since I don't use the database. On
>the surface, it seems adequate.

Well, I would say that it has a very decent implementation of import/export
features. I sync my desktop db (actually servers) with the OGO's. I have a
catalog of 700 products available to me all the time with current pricing,
and all with the touch of a pen.

>You can NOT import or export! Only choice, Clip n Go -- which I already had.

Well, I am truly happy you had Clip & Go beforehand; from what I understand
most didnt. For a user who did not have Clip & Go the new s/w is a GREAT

>This seems to take care of the basics, if you just want a scheduler. It is
>by no means a heavyweight. One big advantage -- it works perfectly with OGO
>in the one-button-does-all sync mode.

This s/w feature, I would assume, is one that was meant to appeal to those
who may have been using cardfile in windows or a very basic s/w system
(perhaps a paper based system). Given those qualifications I view the HP PIM
as I nice bonus.

>Same as database above. I use ACT and import into the phone book with my
>own interface (as mentioned above). One problem if you have a large number
>of names in your PIM (I have about 1000), is not to download all into OGO.
>Connectivity pack does not allow you to select. It is either all or none,
>if your PIM will not allow you to pare down the list.

I do admit I find this feature to be a little annoying. The problem doesnt
live on the PC's side (the new s/w), but is due to the phonebook setup on
the OGO. It is to bad that OGO didnt have the feature of multiple phone
books (like the Hp 200lx). The only way I have found to rectify this is to
create my own "phonebooks" within the db application for areas that do not
require constant sync. All important contacts (most used) are kept in my
phonebook application and are sync'ed on a daily basis.

>A good program, but I already had it.

I didnt. For those who had not invested in the product, as you did, it is a
great addition.


A great feature, it has been a "true blessing" for me. Unfortunately, not
for you. I use a PIM that has no difficulty in sync'ing ALL features to the
OGO100 that I own. Previous to using my current software (Organizer 2.1) I
used Act 2.0 with a Newton 120; I can say with NO DOUBTS that this (OGO, new
cnx s/w & organizer) is way ahead.

>This was another disappointment. The notes from OGO move over as one flat
>ASCII file. In addition, only the category (business, personal, etc.) in
>view at the time moves. My expectation was that there would be a file for
>each note and that each note would be compatible with a word processor
>(formatting, font size, etc.). Not!

I believe this feature is most aptly covered using Clip & Go.

>For some, I'm sure this is a good value and program, but for me it doesn't
>mean much. Plus, I'm convinced this is the Intellilink program with some
>window dressing and I am not an Intellink fan.

As you have said "for some" this is a good value, unfortunately not for you.
For most users who hadnt invested in clip & go, the game pack, gotten an
installer, and never sync'ed it is worth the investment.

After owning every HP Palmtop (95, 100, 200), every Newton (OMP, 100, 110,
120, 130), many different sharps & casios, plus the Pilot AND I having used
multiple sync'ing products I have yet to use a more versatile
PDA/organizer/palmtop OR a better suite of programs in connectivity pack.