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>>I have been keeping track of the life of various batteries on my
>>Omnigo 100 and when complete will send it to this list. I agree with
>>your statements above except that Ni-cad rechargables seem fine
>>providing you follow your own advice above. Their life seems to be
>>about 3hrs (700ma cells) and MUST be replaced with charged cells as
>>soon as the bar graph reaches 2 (a program to warn about this would be
>>nice), if the cells are near 2-3 on the bar graph (ie. over about 2
>>3/4 hours of use) if the cells aren't replaced you will risk a data
>>loss if you turn off your Omnigo and leave it for even 1 day. Just my
>>observations. See ya all.
>Keep in mind that the NiCads are not fully discharged when they are =
>out of the Ogo for security reasons. If you charge them directly again,
>life of the Nicads will be shortened. Best is to empty them fully first,
>e.g. by putting them into a battery-operated light (I use one of my son,
>aged 5, for this purpose...)
I do discharge them fully, my charger has a discharger built in, so I
make sure they are discharged fully before I charge them back up
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