Re: Thanks lots and travelling ogo

Miro Lucassen (
Tue, 21 Jan 1997 21:08:42 +0100 wrote:
>I have been keeping track of the life of various batteries on my
>Omnigo 100 and when complete will send it to this list. I agree with
>your statements above except that Ni-cad rechargables seem fine
>providing you follow your own advice above. Their life seems to be
>about 3hrs (700ma cells) and MUST be replaced with charged cells as
>soon as the bar graph reaches 2 (a program to warn about this would be
>nice), if the cells are near 2-3 on the bar graph (ie. over about 2
>3/4 hours of use) if the cells aren't replaced you will risk a data
>loss if you turn off your Omnigo and leave it for even 1 day. Just my
>observations. See ya all.
Keep in mind that the NiCads are not fully discharged when they are taken
out of the Ogo for security reasons. If you charge them directly again,
life of the Nicads will be shortened. Best is to empty them fully first,
e.g. by putting them into a battery-operated light (I use one of my son,
aged 5, for this purpose...)

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