Zoomer PDA Non-commercial Add-on Software

Non-commercial software


Desktop Connectivity


Zoomcomm provides simple file exchange between a PC and a Zoomer, written by John Feras. Announced as "cheapware" and "freeware" versions.


XTOZ is a freeware UNIX to Zoomer (i.e. uniX TO Zoomer) communication package, written by Keith Williamson. It's available in source code form and runs on many UNIX platforms. Details are available in a zoomer-list message, and the software itself is available from ftp.biostat.washington.edu.


ZC is a small Zoomer communications program (runs on the PC side) written by Dave Feras. It's available via ftp.


ZDOS is a small and "not overly stable" command-line communications program (runs on the PC side) written by Dave Goodman. It's available via ftp.

Zoomer Connectivity

America Online alternative interface

An alternative client program for accessing AOL. Permits you to access all AOL services and use 9600 baud modems. There are a few caveats in the readme file. The software is available via ftp.

Zcomm Lite

Zcomm Lite is a simple terminal emulator for a Zoomer. Available as freeware from Structured Software Designs. Look for a more full featured, commercially supported version called "Zcomm Pro" in the future. The freeware version is available via ftp.


Palm Export

Palm Export is a freeware utility which exports text from NoteBook files into plain ASCII text files on a PC, courtesy of Palm Computing. Available via ftp from Palm or the University of Washington archives.

Palm Import

Palm Import was part of the commercial PalmUtilities package, but is now available via ftp as shareware.


Zoomer Text Editor (ZTE)

ZTE is an easy to use text editor for Zoomers, from Blue Marsh Softworks. Available via ftp.


Lector is a text scratchpad and clipboard with very fast loading and saving (using state files). Available via ftp.

Geoworks Bindery

Bindery is an electronic book authoring and reading system, from Geoworks.


Miscellaneous small applications are available via ftp. For details, see the ftp index:

Operating Environments

Expert Mode Plus

Expert Mode Plus is a set of modifications to the Zoomer's GEOS operating system settings, originally developed by Arthur Tyde and improved by Chris De Hererra. It's not for the faint of heart, but promises to enable the following features:

It's available via ftp as a ZIP file with instructions from the author's WWW site.


Interpreted Zoomer Language (IZL) interpreter

IZL is a interpretive language for application development requiring only the AOL text editor on the Zoomer for programming, written by Feras Information Technologies. General information about the freeware version is available from the zoomer-list announcement. The software itself is available on popular FTP sites like ftp.biostat.washington.edu, along with some sample scripts.

Version 1.0 of the cheapware product has been released. It's capabilities and ordering information is available in an announcement message. There are some sample programs available for the commercial version: a mini database, a golf score-keeper, and a dice rolling program.

Version 2.0 is now available.


And of course there are some games, via ftp. For details, see the ftp index:


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