Zoomer PDA Commercial Add-on Software

Commercial software


Desktop Connectivity


PalmConnect is a graphical environment for exchanging files between PC and Zoomer, from Palm Computing.


IntelliLink is a windows-based file transfer and import/export program for exchanging data between a Zoomer and a PC. Supports a large number of PC applications including PIMs, calendars, contact managers, databases, word processors, and spreadsheets. From IntelliLink Corp..


Pocket Quicken Connect

Pocket Quicken Connect is interface software for exchanging files between Pocket Quicken on the Zoomer and Quicken for Windows on a desktop PC, from Intuit.



Mobile Computing Systems.

Form Factor

Form Factor is a Windows-based development environment and GEOS-based runtime environment for form-based appliations, from MetaPacific Systems. See also sample screen shots.



PalmUtilities is a set of Zoomer utility programs, from Palm Computing. The utilities include:

These utilities are no longer offered for sale by Palm Computing, but the import facility is available via ftp as shareware.


Graffiti is add-on software for text entry which replaces the built-in handwriting recognition software. Graffiti works with a simplified version of the existing alphabet. The user enters pre-defined strokes for each letter, Graffiti then translates that stroke into the corresponding text character on the computer screen. Testing has revealed that most users can learn to enter these strokes fast enough to achieve more than 30 words per minute with 100% accuracy. A demo version is available. From Palm Computing.

Operating Environments


PenRight! is an operating environment (alternative to GEOS), and is now available for the Zoomer from Casio. Initial details are available in a zoomer-list message.



QuickShuffle contains several card games on a PCMCIA card, from Geoworks.


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