Re: UltraLite - bad replacement batteries

Gregory Urban (
Sat, 2 Aug 1997 09:26:54 -0400 (EDT)

Howdy Michael,

>I will be giving the url of the UltraLite Archives to someone I know
>at NEC and I hope that everyone will take the time and effort to post
>their feelings on these new batts.

Good...hopefully they'll understand how they left us high and dry!

>batch were in many cases not much better. The best one I've seen lasted a
>bit over an hour comparing to 2:15 on the old battery.

My "good" NiMH battery seemed to last about 40 to 45 min. initially. It
started to deteriorate I think and now is only good for 15 min. max. It
started to run out of steam while on a trip to Oregon <I live in PA>. Not
good as there is no place to plug in a PC-1701 on an airplane!

>need to let them know how much we like our UltraLites and want to continue
>using them as we did before this battery recall took place.

I tell you, I like my UL a lot. I managed to finally get it all set for my
purposes last year after tracking down some elusive accessory items.

I've got the WordPerfect ROM card and use the Net-Tamer software for dialup
internet activity and a stripped down Procomm Plus setup. Between three RAM
cards I've got a pretty nice suite of software.

The screen is a little dim but other than that I find the UL to be a nearly
perfect form of portable. These dang batteries though ruin the whole
experience! I had to resort to buying a used Toshiba 286 for road trips
because of the longer battery life. The Toshiba weighs more than twice as
much as the UL and is much larger overall <sigh>...

Best Regards,