Power on the Plane

David Brahm (a215020@helix.fmrco.com)
Sat, 2 Aug 97 18:12:00 EDT

Michael wrote,

> I will be giving the url of the UltraLite Archives to someone I know at NEC

OK, "for the record" then, here's my experience. I still use my 1702
UltraLite, mostly for brief logins from home (e.g. to check up on cron jobs).
The lousy new batteries make traveling with it unsatisfactory, though the $300
rebate I got on 3 batteries softened the blow.

Then Greg wrote,

> Not good as there is no place to plug in a PC-1701 on an airplane!

I just saw an ad, from Delta Airlines, for a connector to plug a PC into one of
the armrest power outlets on their planes. I think the connector could be
ordered from Staples, and you had to specify the PC type. "NEC" was one of
them, but I doubt they had the UltraLite in mind. Has anyone looked further
into this? If such a connector could be bought or made, you could use the
UltraLite on a plane after all!
-- David Brahm (dbrahm@helix.fmrco.com)