Re: NEC and the batteries.....

Gregory Urban (
Fri, 1 Aug 1997 07:58:13 -0400 (EDT)

Howdy Michael,

>I wonder if there are still fokls like me out there who love their
>NEC UltraLites and still want to use them.......

Sure, if the battery situation ever were to be resolved!

>I really like mine and so far have not found anything that will replace
>it. I love the 4 pound weight factor and also the fact that it slips

If I could afford it I'd pick up a Toshiba Libretto 50. It is a new machine
that is in between a sub-notebook and palmtop in size. 75mhz Pentium,
640x480 VGA display, 700 mb HDD, PCMCIA slot, etc. Weighs less than two
pounds! Of course it costs a good $2000, not including the port replicator

>nicely into my briefcase. The 2400 Baud modem, slow by today's standards
>is adequate enough for me to access my dial-up Unix shell account to
>do my e-mail, etc.

This is why I was using a Practical Peripherals 14.4k pocket modem attached
to the serial port with an NEC serial cable. Net-Tamer works great on the
UltraLite, it is a fully integrated dialup PPP package that does e-mail,
WWW, Telnet, Usenet. Depending upon version it'll work under less than 640k
RAM and text only. I was using my PC-1701 to beta-test the XT/286 version
of Net-Tamer.

>I am curious if anyone has derived satisfaction from NEC on the replacement
>battery issue. The new batteries I received are nowhere near as good

Nope. Don't know if you recall the fun I had with NEC last year. I found
that a new, unused battery on hand was shot when I pulled it out for use.
Sent it back and got _two_ replacements, both of which were bad. Sent those
back for two more which were bad. Those went back and NEC said they'd test
the ones in their warehouse until they found working batteries and send
those. Never saw any. When I called NEC about six months ago the contact
person I was in touch with was no longer handling the battery recall and the
twit that I spoke to indicated that the problem was being looked into "in
Japan". Right...and pigs fly...

>as the Molycells they were paying $100 to get back. I'm sure glad I
>kept a couple!

Wish I had!

>Let's have a roll call of who is still hanging in there with their
>PC-1701 and PC-1702 machines.

Truthfully, I'm hanging onto my PC-1701 <upgraded with 2mb
silicon-hard-drive> in the event my Toshiba T1200XE <286, 1mb RAM, 20mb HDD>
dies. I last used my PC-1701 in March when I had to fly out to Oregon and
the battery pack started to die. The NiMH used to work for nearly 40 min.
Now it is down the about 15 min. of running time! Rather than build an
external pack I opted for the used Toshiba. I backed up my UltraLite's SRAM
data to floppies and put it away. If need be I can charge it up, restore
the files and be back in business! I really like the keyboard, very
comfortable to use considering the PC-1701's size!

Happy Trails,