NEC and the batteries.....

Michael Crestohl (
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 06:09:50 -0400 (EDT)

Hello Everyone!

I wonder if there are still fokls like me out there who love their
NEC UltraLites and still want to use them.......

I really like mine and so far have not found anything that will replace
it. I love the 4 pound weight factor and also the fact that it slips
nicely into my briefcase. The 2400 Baud modem, slow by today's standards
is adequate enough for me to access my dial-up Unix shell account to
do my e-mail, etc.

I am curious if anyone has derived satisfaction from NEC on the replacement
battery issue. The new batteries I received are nowhere near as good
as the Molycells they were paying $100 to get back. I'm sure glad I
kept a couple!

Let's have a roll call of who is still hanging in there with their
PC-1701 and PC-1702 machines.


Michael Crestohl,