Re: NEC and the batteries.....

Christopher Burian (
Fri, 1 Aug 97 11:00:17 -0400

In ultralite-list, Gregory writes:

> Nope. Don't know if you recall the fun I had with NEC last year. I found
> that a new, unused battery on hand was shot when I pulled it out for use.
> Sent it back and got _two_ replacements, both of which were bad. Sent those
> back for two more which were bad. Those went back and NEC said they'd test
> the ones in their warehouse until they found working batteries and send
> those. Never saw any. When I called NEC about six months ago the contact
> person I was in touch with was no longer handling the battery recall and the
> twit that I spoke to indicated that the problem was being looked into "in
> Japan". Right...and pigs fly...

Do you have the name and number of a current contact person about these
batteries? Lisa Schoenberg told me to send in my old one and I'd get a
new one. Well, I never got a new one. I called Tim Hanna, who apparently
took over the battery recall and he never returned my messages. Now they've
never heard of Tim Hanna, and nobody knows what I'm talking about when I
call NEC. They pass me around on the phone with each successive person
*less* able to help than the last.

> >Let's have a roll call of who is still hanging in there with their
> >PC-1701 and PC-1702 machines.

I want to use my Ultralite, and in fact have used to to call up BBS to
download software while at work. I'm pissed that I don't even have my
dead battery to fill the hole in the bottom of my UL anymore.

Greg, if you know a number to call where somebody with a clue will answer,
can you please post it?