LapLink issues

Gregory Urban (
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 01:08:55 -0500 (EST)

Greetings folks,

Since getting my UltraLite I've been using LapLink almost daily for
transferring files between it and my 486 mini-tower. Luckily my UltraLite
came with the original manuals and the installation disk for LapLink NU-2.01
and this has worked fine with MS-DOS 6.22 on my 486.

About a month ago I decided to reject the herd mentality and I
installed OS/2 Warp 3.0 on my 486. Unfortunately LapLink NU-2.01 cannot
access the serial ports under OS/2! I tried everything, even making a
virtual boot disk for DOS 6.22 since OS/2 normally uses a DOS emulation.
Nothing. Others that I have been on contact with through the OS/2 Fidonet
echos and OS/2 Usenet newsgroups have had no problems using later versions
of LapLink.

Ultimately I ended up installing LapLink 5 on both my 486 and on a 512k
RAM card for the UltraLite. Everything works correctly now, I can use a
serial connection between my OS/2 machine and Ultralite! However, LL5 takes
longer to load on the UltraLite than the burned in version and file
transfers do not appear to be as fast. Still, it works.

Since I'm using DGSET.COM to maximize available RAM rather than the
built in UltraLite setup utility I do not have a "reversed" palette. In
order to maximize battery life I had to use the "standard" color scheme in
LapLink 5 so that I would have white letters on a dark background. My
normal MO is to run the UltraLite on battery power while transferring files
at home and charge it while I'm using it in the office at work.

Best Regards,

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