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Gregory Urban (
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 07:39:51 -0500 (EST)

Greetings fellow UltraLite users,

Tonight at work I was looking through a catalog from an oufit called
EduCALC, a company specialising in high-end calculators and palmtop
computers. Two items in the catalog caught my eye as they seem to be of use
to those of us who continue to use our NEC UltraLites.

#GA935 Serial/Parallel Converter......$54.95

"...connect this serial to parallel converter to any
palmtop via a serial cable and send it's output to
any parallel printer via a 'Centronics' 36-lead
cable. Up to 250 hours on one 9v battery (not included)"

#2816B Serial/Parallel Converter......$79.95

"...plug this tiny...converter to your serial cable--
its device powered and bi-directional. No switches, no
configuration or software drivers, and no problems--
compatible with any PC, application software, printer
or hard drive. 9600 Baud to printer via 36-pin
Centronics male connector. Requires serial cable."

At this point I am not endorsing either product, just reporting
availability! I recall that some folks on the list, along with myself have
been searching for the elusive parallel interface that connects to the
extension port in place of the NEC floppy drive/printer interface. These
are not exactly what I am looking for but may provide a substitute. When I
have some spare cash I'll probably try ordering one of these converters. Of
course, I would then have to find a nice portable printer to go with it.
Naturally I could just save scarce occupational Dollars by continuing to
LapLink stuff to my 486 base machine and print it from there...

Another _very_ interesting item in the EduCALC catalog is a machine
that they refer to as a "superpalmtop". It is made by Instant-Tech and is
their model PTV-30. The specs on this are amazingly similar to our beloved
UltraLite! V-30 processor, 640x200 CGA mono, 82 key keyboard, RAM storage
capacity of either 1 or 2mb, MSDOS 5.0 and Works 2.0 in ROM. What is
different is the fact that the machine is smaller than the UL by about 1/3,
has two standard PCMCIA Type II slots, standard serial and parallel ports
and it allegedly runs on two AA batteries for 25 hrs. Their 2mb model runs
about $529.

Again, I am not endorsing anything from the EduCALC catalog, just
strictly FYI! They have a web site at and their information
number is 800-677-7001.

Best Regards,
(via my UltraLite)

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