Battery solution?

Gregory Urban (
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 19:57:40 -0400

Greetings folks,

Today Lisa Schoenberg from NEC returned my call regarding the second
batch of bad replacement batteries. She said to send them back (they were
already on the way) and that she would have two more sent out to me by the
end of the week.

Lisa indicated that this time they have set up "special equipment" to
precharge and test the batteries before they send them out. Translation:
They dug out a PC-17-01 and charger to try the batteries in first.

My suggestion to folks on the list with bad NiMH batteries is to
_politely_ contact Lisa Schoenberg at NEC, 800-366-3632 and see about
getting them replaced. Right now NEC appears to be cooperative, actually
quite accomodating. Perhaps they want this dead, stinking Albatross removed
from about their necks once and for all <g>.

Best Regards,

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