Getting supplies?

Jeff (
Sat, 28 Sep 1996 10:46:29 -0500 (CDT)

A while back I got my hands on a PC-17-02 Ultralite that was stripped
clean. I called up a local NEC-compliant company that claimed the current
pricing for batteries and disk drives both ran well over $100. Then I
heard about JEM--who appears to be out of business..please correct me if
I'm wrong--who was selling compatible batteries and disk drives much less
then $50 each. Since neither avenue has been working out, the only
reference to the older ultralites I've found is through this list. Has
anyone found any further distributors?

I wouldn't be so annoyed if I could use laplink, but I believe the serial
port may not be functioning fully, hence the fact that I got the machine
for $ the time it made its way through several people, so I can't
be sure. I think even if I could get a modem program on the thing I'll be
set, but I can't find any good cards available for the non-pcmcia slot.
I'm even considering looking into the suggestion I saw on here of
burning new DOS ROM chips :) Perhaps with kermit or telemate on them.

If anyone has any encouraging suggestions, I'd appreciate them. These
laptops are great, but I've had it more then a year and the most I can do
is plug it in and listen to the screen whine.


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