More bad batteries
Sat, 21 Sep 1996 23:51:55 -0400 (EDT)

Greetings folks,

On Friday morning I received a package from NEC Technologies Missisauga
Ontario warehouse containing _two_ PC-17-86 batteries in exchange for my old
bad battery and the bad replacement. I had hopes that these "new" batteries
would work, WRONG!

First battery I tried I had on the charger nearly 24 hrs but the charge
light would not go off. Still, I disconnected the charger and tried running
the machine and got nothing, not even a low battery light, it was completely
dead. However the battery was warm to the touch upon removal. The code on
this battery was "123L".

The second battery I charged for about 18 hrs. Again, the charger light
would not go off but I tried running the machine on the battery again. This
second battery did accept a charge, long enough to run the computer for
about 5 min. Oh boy! The code on this one is "113G".

Additionally, when I had spoken to Lisa Schoenberg at NEC last week she
indicated that someone from tech support would be in touch. Someone did try
to contact me but I was sleeping (I work nights) and the message was that
they would try to contact me the next evening. They never called back and
the first time they did not leave a good message so I had no idea who it was
that called or their number to call them back. Looks like I have two more
batteries to pack up and ship back to Ms. Schoenberg and I've got to start
playing phone tag with her again. Oh least they are being
somewhat cooperative. This time too I'm photocopying the label from the
good battery and sending the copy along with the bad batteries, perhaps they
can hand pick one from their supply <wishful thinking>.

Best Regards,

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