More battery babble

Gregory Urban (
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 10:35:16 -0400

Greetings folks,

Just got off the phone with Lisa Schoenberg of NEC. According to Ms.
Schoenberg the problem with the bad batteries lies in that NEC has allegedly
recently moved their warehouse facility and there was some sort of mixup
with regards to which batteries they shipped. She could not explain really
why they have apparently defective batteries mixed in with supposedly good
batteries. Sounds like excuses to me but the short of it is that she is
having another battery shipped out overnight from a different NEC warehouse

I am now to ship back both bad batteries and their tech. support folks
are supposed to get in touch with me to find out exactly what _I_ did and
how my machine behaved. Ms. Schoenberg even took my e-mail address along
with my phone number so that tech support will try to contact me via e-mail.
This may get interesting!

Happy Trails,

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