Re: Battery problem?

Gregory Urban (
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 17:43:35 -0400

Greetings Hank,

At 05:56 AM 8/26/96 -0700, Hank Kohlmann <> wrote:

>I had the same problem with the new Ultralight batteries I received when I
>traded in my old batteries for the new batteries offered by NEC. I also
>encountered this problem with the new style batteries I purchased. I tried
>four of these new batteries. Since I had traded in the old ones to NEC I
>did not have an old one to go back to. The message I kept getting was that
>the Built in Battery was bad. I could not find a replacement for the built
>in. So I made one. Turns out the built in (that is the second battery) was
>fine. Since I had the same problem with four new batteries I had to assume
>that it was not the batteries. Since the second built in battery appears to
>be fine, I must assume it is also in good shape.

My original message to the list may have been slightly cryptic. Both
batteries that I have are NiMH. The one that works is the one that came
installed in the unit as I got it. The one that won't take a charge was new
in the wrapper. Unfortunatly they are at work and I don't remember the part
number offhand. Methinks it is something like PC-17-86.

>End result. I now think it is the battery switch but since I must dismantle
>the system I haven't yet tried to by pass it. It could also be a charging

Um...what battery switch?

>I also found this list by accident but you are the first person I have ever
>had any contact from. If you receive an answer from anyone, I would
>appreciate if you would let me know.

So far I've had three responses from folks who saw my message via the list!


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