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Greetings Mark,

At 01:38 PM 8/26/96 -0400,

>My _guess_ is that the battery that powers it for 1.5 hr. is the
>original "Molicell" battery that came with it--works fine for awhile but
>is supposed to be dangerous--explode, catch fire. Again, a _guess_ on the

Nope, it is a NiMH battery...

>other battery is that it is one of the first round of nickel metal
>hydride replacements--they goofed on these and had to replace _them_ with
>a second round of nickel metal hydride, which would last maybe 30-45 min.

Hmm...perhaps I have one of each batch...I knew about the molicell
problem but didn't know about there being defective NiMH batteries.

>Look carefully at the labels on the batteries and see if you can tell
>anything. I did take one apart and it was crammed with all sorts of
>electronics as well as the batteries themselves.

When I compared them at work last night they appeared identical.
However I forget the part number on them offhand and I won't see them again
until tonight. Methinks the part number was PC-17-86 or something like that.

>FWIW, I have successfully used my Renewal D-cell battery pack and an
>"emergency" AA-cell pack. The D cells go about 10 hours, but of course

Wow! 10 hrs! These are NiCads I take it? How do you connect the pack
to the Ultralite? Used a dead battery casing for it's contacts and hardwire
in the D-pack? I'm not averse to using external battery packs, I still use
a Honeywell AutoStrobonar photo flash that takes either an external 510v
dry-cell or a large D-pack with a built in transformer <g>.

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