Battery problem?

Gregory Urban (
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 07:29:17 -0400


By dumb luck I found the archives for this list over the weekend and
found that the list is still active! At any rate, I've got a problem with
my PC-17-01's battery, actually it's spare battery.

I acquired the computer with a spare battery from a friend some months
ago, the spare battery was never used and was still in it's original
wrapper. Recently I installed it and tried charging it. The charger's light
would go off after only about one hour and the battery would power the
Ultralite for about 5 min. before the low battery warning would come on.
The "old" battery that came installed in the unit works fine and powers the
machine for about 1.5 hours. Any thoughts as to what may be wrong or what I
can do to "condition" the "new" battery?

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