On/Off trouble, Court Weasel update

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Wed, 14 Dec 1994 14:21:05 -0500 (EST)

My UL has been acting up, and I'd really appreciate any advice/comments
you might have before I go digging into it with a soldering iron:

Sometimes, pressing the on/off switch on gets the characteristic
backlight hum and a partial/completely 'blue' screen, and nothing
else happens. At this point, releasing the switch (but not pressing
it back to off) either leaves the machine in that state 'forever' or
shuts the backlight/machine off.

Other times, after a normal startup, the machine spontaneously decides
to reboot. This is a bit annoying, since it has made me type F2
every sixty seconds or less (AHED savefile command) to avoid losing

Since the machine started acting up lightly 2 yrs ago after a rather
nasty attempt to immitate a basketball on a concrete lab floor, I've
always supected something cracked. Solder connections seem to be
fine where I've looked, though, so I'm wondering if anyone has any
experience with breakage inside a microchip, or if perhaps
the on/off switch or a related piece of hardware has gone down the
tubes. Also, this intermittent has gotten to where it takes me
anywhere from 1 to 4 minutes to get the machine running the first time,
usually, and I've started to resort to shakes, jolts, and other
physical abuse of the hardware because "it seems to help" (... what
next, PENTAGRAMS and virgin chickens?!).

Advice/commiseration/comments/suggestions? Before you say dump it,
recognize that I'm poor, a mere thesis away from my MS in Engineering,
and can't afford anything else until then.

While on hardware issues, there once was talk of a power cord to get the
brick-drag problem out of their way. Has anyone ever mastered a
design for this that they're proud enough of to do ascii-art of via
e-mail. Or some cord-extender like appletalk cabling, etc...

Also, what's the availability/price for another UL at this
point? A few months from now, maybe I'll just buy another one.
First, there's this thesis, getting a job, etc... but that is an
alternative to squinting and soldering.

Thanks in advance,


Oh, and after I wrote that last message, I wrote a lengthy reply
to the author (actuary@ix.netcom.com) and to the postmaster at
this address. This came back just now:

Forwarded message:
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| Date: Wed, 14 Dec 1994 10:26:50 -0800
| From: actuary@ix.netcom.com
| We have disabled user 'actuary's account, thank you for your concern
| Please hold your responses.
| --
| postmaster@ix.netcom.com

So, there is hope. Given the growth rate of the net, its easy enough
for this sort of abuse to grow, so the hope is rather dim, but hope.

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