Re: Court weasel

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Wed, 14 Dec 1994 12:28:20 -0500 (EST)

| Don't bother calling this asshole, folks. First of all, his smarmy recording
| informs you that all of the stuff is sold out already. Second of all, he tells
| you that if you don't like his commercial use of the Internet, you can just go
| get stuffed.

Why does all the spamming have the touch of lawyers to it? First K&S, now

Lets see if we can't "constructively criticize" him. I'm gonna send
a complaint off to the source, to the postmaster at the source, and
anywhere else that comes to mind. And if anyone can find a home number
of this pinheaded weasel, I'd love to call him and thank him for intruding
on my day. Keep it nice, everyone, but this bad habit has to be nipped
off. I don't even mind UL-related ads (there being NONE lately) but a
spam of limited-availability chips is inexcusable.

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was a nice romance, but it's romance." -Sen. Craig (R-Idaho), Aug 2, 1994.
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