Re: 68-Pin Expansion Port -- Help!

Dave, MRO1-3/C6, DTN 297-8251, 508 467-8251 17-Oct-1994 1245 ((no email))
Mon, 17 Oct 94 12:49:00 EDT

>Another thing that i would like to do with my pc 1701 is upgrade it to
>a 1702, in other words add more "silicon disk", has anyone ever tried to
>add more menory to an Ultralite? It looks to me like there is extra space
>on the little plug in circuit board to accomodate more memory chips.
>Perhaps there's a way to add even more battery backed up memory to it,
>it would be neat to have it up to 10 meg or so.
> Fran or

Getting more matching memory chips for the other side may be difficult - nobody
seems to have any. I recently purchased a surplus 1M board which I am going to
try to salvage the chips off of. Then I'll try to make my original 1M board
into a 2M board. It will be a lot of soldering.

I am pessimistic about successfully populating these boards with bigger (16M,
etc) memory chips. Also, bigger chips usually cost real money.

On the expansion port issue, you should consider the original high density
floppy drive with the parallel port built in. I picked up the drive and cable
from Benton Ng at One Source Computer (508 481-3600) for under $60. (I'd buy it
without the used floppy drive for $20, then put in a brand new floppy drive
from someone else for about $40. His cables, boxes and ports seem to work OK,
but I had lots of trouble with his drives.)

Disclaimers: I am not affiliated with One Source Computer, and don't blame me
if you fry your memory.

Dave Brown