Joshua Sean Bell ((no email))
Wed, 12 Jan 94 21:48:25 MST

First off, thanks to Eli Brian Goldberg for his Stacker guide for
the Ultralite. Saved me some headaches, and got me a free meg on
my Ultralite (which now holds Telix, Emacs, Turbo C, and about 10
Unix-like commands, for the record), for all of $17 bucks (for a
copy of Stacker 2.0 at a local second hand software store).

On a related vein, anyone know a way to stop STACKER.COM from
giving it's report when CONFIG.SYS? No "silent" flags are
documented in the manual, and I hate spam.

Next, does anyone use a COMMAND.COM replacement w/ their UL that
is more Unixish (ksh or tcsh) than C.C, and works with Stacker?
I've got some TSRs, but they don't do things like a history, and
the filename completion TSR buggers up Telix's VT102 for some
reason, so I can't install it and run Telix at the same time.
Thoughts from experienced users?

Now the point of the subject - the DGSET program available in the
archives of this list can't do palette remapping. Don't ask me
why, but I do play games on my Ultralite (Lemmings, Space Rogue,
Pipe Dream, etc) and having a batch file that could config the
UL's palette to my liking for each game would be handy. Nay,
wonderful. Anyone?