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Fri, 7 Jan 94 21:33:48 CST

>Two other questions come to mind: how fast does that V30 processor run?

According to the docs, normally at 9.83 MHz. It can be switched down to
a power-saving 4.92 MHz as well.

>And how well does the LapLink program work?

Very well. I've never found a need for the optional floppy drive! When
LapLining to a fast CPU, I seem to get a lot of "Timeout errors" during file
transfers, but I've never lost any data.

>The biggest advantage I see so far for the UltraLite is mainframe

That's my primary use . . . runing PROCOMM 2.0 with a VT100 or 3270
emulation. Again, no problems at all.

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