Re: dgset/palette

michael brian scher ((no email))
Thu, 13 Jan 1994 04:08:17 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 12 Jan 1994, Joshua Sean Bell wrote:

> First off, thanks to Eli Brian Goldberg for his Stacker guide for
> the Ultralite. Saved me some headaches, and got me a free meg on
> my Ultralite (which now holds Telix, Emacs, Turbo C, and about 10
> Unix-like commands, for the record), for all of $17 bucks (for a
> copy of Stacker 2.0 at a local second hand software store).
Is Stacker 2.0 better in any real, significant (space, reliability)
way that 1.x? I have the last version before 2.0, and have been using it
with no qualms for quite some time.
> Next, does anyone use a COMMAND.COM replacement w/ their UL that
> is more Unixish (ksh or tcsh) than C.C, and works with Stacker?
> I've got some TSRs, but they don't do things like a history, and
> the filename completion TSR buggers up Telix's VT102 for some
> reason, so I can't install it and run Telix at the same time.
> Thoughts from experienced users?

I have loooong used 4DOS on my machine. I highly recommend it, as
it provides a tcsh like interface, some great commands, etc. I believe
it was the foundation of the commands added to DOS versions from 5 on,
but remails vastly superior (aliasing, e.g. is superb), and can also
place DOS into high ram (useless on the 640K Ultralight, BUT...) OR (most
significantly for the UL) swap it to "disk" which on the UL is just a
temp RAM area (which is stackered on my machine), and as fast as swapping
to RAM on a 1 MB '286.

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